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Glad to have stumbled up this site. Lots of nice work here. Just picked up a front wheel and rotors from Suave. Looking forward to getting them bolted on. Pics to follow.



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Welcome to THE Custom Bagger Forum!

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Thanks again for all the welcomes. I have probably spent 12 hours on here since yesterday. Really enjoying finding a forum where the bikes are in line with my taste. Funny thing., as I have been looking around here I have found many of the bikes I had gotten inspiration from in the past. I know I saw 808's king on youtube a while back when looking for info on a 23 conversion.

I have road king I hit a deer with this past summer. Didnt do any major damage, but all the tins/bags were pretty trashed. So far I have added bad dad stretched fenders, and bags. Added tri-glide triple trees, and a set of 16" trask bro bars. Just bought a 23" front on here. Everything is ready for paint again, but I'm still up in the air regarding the color. Always kept gloss black in the past. Love the dupont 99k but I am thinking of going with color this time.

Anyway, thanks for having me. Hopefully I can contribute in some way. I will post some pics as soon.