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New guy from Central IL


Another new guy here from IL. 2010 SG, all I've done to it so far is the usual starter mods (pipes, sert, etc) and added a short set of apes. Like to do a little more but $$ is holding me back. Trying to decide if I am selling my 49 Ford to get a few more mods done and get started on a 59 Ford truck that I have had sitting for about a year.

Have to say this site is great and you all are definitely an inspiration. Great looking bikes!!!


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Glad to have you here on ChoppedBaggers.com, the worlds ONLY non-commercialized site exclussively for Custom Baggers!

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Love that 49! The 59 will be a fun project as well, I want to resto-mod a 55/56 some day

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Welcome to the Forum! You'll find a lot of helpful information from the members here on Chopped Baggers. Feel free to reach out.


Thanks for all the kind welcomes! You guys from IL, we will have to meet up sometime and let me buy you a beer!