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New girl on the block


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Hey all!
I know several of you guys already but for those I dont....HELLO.

Just to tell ya a bit about my ride, its an 05 RG aka Lymey.
Some of the goodies include 14 in apes, 21/16 RC Component Wheels, Gator Box stretched bags, Milwaukee Bagger rear fender, Khrome Werks wrapped front fender, Progressive Monotube 2 in drop in front, Arnott Aldin Air Suspension in rear, Alpine receiver with Hog Tunes amp, J&M speakers in the fairing and HogTune speakers in lower inside portion of fairing.
Cruise and odometer button holes filled and relocated inside glove box. And the list goes on.
Paint is House of Kolor Planet Green with Lime Gold Kandy.
Ghost flames on the tank, fairing, side panels and bags.

Most importantly, the work was all done by myself & my husband. So yeah, Im pretty proud. We finished the build in May and Ive put approx 15,000 miles on it to date.




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Boooo, we don't want women here!!! Just kidding, you know I love ya Tracy!


One of THE 150!
Cant say I love you tracey cause thats my ex wifes name. I paid a few hun to not have to say it haha.. Jk
Welcome and very nice bike.


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Thanks for all the welcomes and comments guys!

And Chain - to think, I let you put your hand up my shirt! I see how you are now!!


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Thats it? No details? Well that just sucks! :)

Its an inside joke :) Back from when I made a bunch of shirts for the roadglide.org forum I joked with Tracy that I had my hands up her shirt.
Just don't tell FrankieB, but I think I might of had my hands up his shirt as well.

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