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New from Wisconsin! Pics Inside!


One of THE 150!
Just wanted to say hi! I have a 98 classic. Hopefully I can learn from you guys and I can teach a little of my experiences working on a little bit older bike here. Not everyone rides something brand-new! Nice to meet you all, my name is George.



One of THE 150!
Wow I am surprised you learned how to post photos online! Haha! Btw I just emailed you one I took while on a ride. You should use it as your avatar!
Nice work I got a 97 in the shop now...hopefully will be complete by March..Im with you I felt it was more cost efficient to get a good frame and runner to work on and do it up (plus the ole lady would've went bat shit if I paid 25k for a new glide and put another 8k-10k in it)

Tricky Air & Billet

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Welcome from the guys at Tricky Air & Billet.

Usually the older bikes are the ones you need to be scared of, because the bikes are payed for so they can put more money into them.