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new from toronto ontario


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looks like an awsom place to be, still lookin around an gathering a wealth of info,dissasembled my 2000 ultra an instaling a set of rims (21-(16) fat spokes a few engine mods an total strip down an cosmetic changes, no 23 or 26 yet lol but gathering info for a next build lol.. glad to be here, weather out this way today -16 no wrenching for me today:eagerness: think ill just stay on an get caught up on the cool threads,,

Wanna Ride

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Welcome to the site!
I'm flying to Toronto on Wednesday for work... I've been there several times, love that city! Can't wait to get to a Tim Horton's!


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hey thanx for the welcome guys, wanna ride- i hope your stay for work is indoors when your here around this time of year, the temp is still way below zero an there calling for a few days just above the zero mark soon but that will only last a couple of days an drop again from there on for the next couple of months,

highliner, the riding here is great,lots of places to ride outside of the city, i like getting out to the planned outings that are held here localy, the turnouts are great and it is nice to get out an ride with folks that have an outing planned an know all the stops an roads to ride on,pretty cool gatherings come summer,


Up in da one fiddy...
Man... -16... I don't know how you guys do it. The farthest north I've ever been is Minneapolis/St Paul in November and I about had a heart attack stepping off the plane... Welcome!

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