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New from North Atlanta


Greeetings Bagger Brothers....

I'm ASAP, it's a pleasure to be among you all. I have a 2000 Electra Glide Classic (Carb'd) Chopped into what is now my vision.

It's still in progress from the pics I have posted in my album. What's not featured (Except for one pic) is the 113ci project I just completed. All the bells and whistles i've added since those pics were taken in October.

Enjoy for now, Updated pics coming soon....



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eh watz up asap ,good to see u here an welcome.
did i read rite?113ci project I just completed? brother do tell ?
sweet ride man....


Yeah man, strangest thing happened. When I got the bike out of the shop in September bike started running funny. Long story short sugar in my tank, had to get a new engine. Insurance paid out a vandalism claim and i just went for the 113 build instead of a new 96. It would have come to the same price so......


Looks good. Like the spokes and the bars up high.

Thanks, I will have better pics coming soon. I now have highway pegs, brake peg, heel/toe pegs that all match my grips. And some Arlen Ness Deep cut floorboards. Mikuni Carb and new cover all not shown