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New from NC

Crazy Beaver

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I am new to the forum from NC, I joined a few days ago. I havent done too much to my bike yet but hoping to rake and do a 26 before too long. So far I have extended bags and fender with custom paint. I have a custom painting business, Crazy Beavers Customs (specializing in realistic art work).


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I used to own some shit!
Keep in mind only Vendors are allowed to advertise their business here "which you may become soon." I talk to you more about it later, glad to have you on ChoppedBaggers.com!


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Wow! The more I look at it, that paint is insane! Those aren't reflections in the bags and on the fender are those? Again, wow!

Crazy Beaver

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Thanks everyone Buggy and Classic$98 those are reflections I had it in a show in down town Raleigh where it won Best Paint, those are reflections of the buildings behind me.