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Raleigh, NC
Guys & Gals, glad to see all the impressive rides out there.

Got an '09 SG with some moderate bolt ons right now, 14" apes, J&M speakers, Sony deck, 21" Fat Mammoth, moto fuel pipes, & commander IV. The baby is going to Cameron at Camtech tomorrow to start the face lift, bags, rear fender, front fender, and painting the inner fairing. Met him in Myrtle Beach this year and was floored by the work that they do down there. Great guy, took time to talk to me about everything I needed and gave me a great price. Just wish he wasnt 4 hours away. From what I have seen, and the way you guys talk about him on here the trip wil be well worth it. The 2nd pic is of my first project, now onto the luxury project.


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