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New from MI


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Hey all. Got word of this site from Highliner. Looks great so far. Got a new 2012 SG and got more plans than money, but I figure most are like me, lol. Some great looking bikes here. Bet this site costs me lots!


I used to own some shit!
No kidding! It is HIGHLY contagious!!!

Welcome to ChoppedBaggers.com

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welcome to the site. another michigander . cool . its easy form me not to buy anything main reason i open my wallet and the only thing thats in there is dust. lol


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Really liking this new site. Lots of new ideas. And yes, the wallet is really tugging at the chain already, lol.


One of THE 150!
Welcome. Screw it spend money you only live once. Just work more its winter what else are we going to do here .

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