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What up everyone? I have been lurking around this forum just reading and checking out some stuff, finally joined. Great work by a lot of folks on here vendors as well as forum members. Lots of good looking bikes.
I am ITOLDU on most other forums. 06 RG currently waiting for paint of stretched bags and fender. 2012 started out with big plans for 26" wheel & some other cosmetic goodies, but bearing in lower end diverted coin to 124" everything is slow boogie at the moment on the cosmetic end. I will post some pics soon.
Mods to complete before end of the year.
Get stretched bags and fender painted
Install Cordova 16" bars (wrapped in bubble wrap for the last 4 months)
Finish stereo.... JL zr 800 cw (thanks DA), another 4 ch amp PDX F6 or Hertz HDP4, some type of lid speaker
Either Cycle sound quad lid (C/S could only say they would be out before the end of the year) or there current single 6x9 setup...


I used to own some shit!
Omaha NE
Welcome, I look forward to following your progress.

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