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New From CALI

Whats the good word ladies & gents , I see that baggers will hold on to the greater market share for time to come, Im a owner of a sweet 09 CVO RG and I love it, I had my sweet custom 06 RK with over 70k in to her and was stolen from me, so this time I dont want to take the same road and doing everything 3x times, so can you say research, reseach.....

I will be asking and commenting soon....
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Ride Safe..Ride Well.
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I used to own some shit!
The RK was sweet! Hopefully you do something similar to the RG.

Welcome to the site!
Thank You all for your kind words, if you ever see my ride anywhere, please shoot first aske questions later........

On the good news side today I received a first look at my new 3D wheel that Im having cut by MAD Wheels in CA, what you think...... Felix New Wheels.jpg
Hello Folks,
The wheel is cut at a 23" I like to ride my bike and didnt want to cut the front end due to its a CVO (want to keep value), I will rake it with Kewl 12" trees, and now it will be taken to chrome, this guys only make one size of every wheel he designs....so you will always have a one off.

Nautical Customs

Welcome from Northern California Hit us up for all your need and parts