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About me. I started out on a 2000 883 and customized that. Then went to a 1995 Bad Boy and customized that. Had a 2001 Lightning just for fun. Worked at an Indy shop for a few years part time and learned a lot. Currently deployed with the Texas Army National Guard in Afghanistan. Stateside job is a State Trooper. Should be home in mid August. I ordered a 2013 Vivid Black Road Glide Custom from military sales. Delivery date is also mid August. Ordering parts now and I plan on tearing into it as soon as I get it. I also have my custom 89 Chevy fullsize truck to complete. So I may do a matching pair. Custom red paint with black accents.
per suggestions on the forum buy from venders on here when possible for the look I want. Pickard USA is an hr away so looks like they will do the work I cant.
Plans are:
raked trees
blacked out front end - already bought a powder coated stock front end. maybe buy a black yaffe axle
23 up front 17 in rear I like Fat Boy wheels from Pickard.
rear air ride
Maybe a FBI drop seat kit with Camtech tank sides and side panels
maybe a new rear fender or just the fbi extension for the stock fender.
stretched bags. I like topshot's
4inch exhaust
wild one outlawz bars
new speakers and more speakers. I like kicker so far. good luck with them in my trucks
tour pack and vented lowers anyone seen turn/running lights in the lowers? Pickards have some nice flush mounts they put in the fairings?


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Glad to have you on the site and good luck with the build! Sounds like its going to be pretty Bad Ass!

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welcome from Iowa. you definitely have a good list started. I think blinkers in the lowers would be awesome. also, thanks for your service

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