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Neck Kit for 26" wheel


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Seems like it would work just fine. Definatly a more DIY kit like HHI and AF Kustoms.

Without more information about the geometry it is very hard to say how accurate it is. Just from the looks of the pics, its probably close, but nothing beats the lift table and a jig....

Bringing home my new electric Titan Lift from Daytona, can't wait to chop my 08 next!


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I recently bought a 4'x8'sheet of 3/8" steel to make a frame table/jig. I did mine on my table lift, but would rather be able to lock the frame down to a table and get perfect measurements for customer bikes.
for those of you guys that can use a table and are advanced, this kit seems perfect... but those of us limited, the AF kit makes life easy! So kind of a different product for different customers trying to achieve the same thing!


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I think they need to make a template for their kit, pretty easy to do. It would be a little more professional.

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