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I invested 10 bucks in this forum a few months ago. I wasn't asked; heck it wasn't even mention. The information I receive and the things I learn on this forum are priceless. I have shopped for new bags and fender for months. I pm'd Nautical Customs and wow! Best price by a long shot! Best service! He even pm'd me the day after delivery and asked if I was 100% satisfied. That is service and I can't wait to do business again with these guys and other awesome vendors that not only support this site but support us with all our bagger needs!

Btw: this is the baddad all in one fender and bags. You can use all of your stock docking hardware.


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I gotta second the props to Nautical Customs and this forum as well.

Yaffe fenders and bags, I DARE you to find a better price! Great service and responds to all my many many questions. Cisco is the man!

By no means am I slighting the other vendors, I just know Nautical is good.
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Cisco, can you PM a price on that same Baddad setup? I've got a pal w a 2007 RK. Thanks.

You might want to put this question in his forum as he may not see it here.

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I ordered a few things from them and I have a good friend here in Charlotte that owns a shop he kills me.. Nauticals prices hard to beat..as we say where im from GOOD LOOKING OUT!

Nautical Customs

Thanks to all of you that keep us in business. Thats how we can keep offering these great prices. We have a super good relationship with all the manufactures if there is ever any problems we will always make it right 100%. We try to be as fast as possible to respond but some times we get tied up in the shop, but I try to get to all your pm the same day.

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