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My winter project. 124" bagger motor


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This winter I'll be building a 124" for my bagger. I'm not a pro when it comes to building motors, I've built about a dozen. Right now I am gathering parts for it. Here is what I have so far. I'll post pics soon.

S&S 4-5/8" crankshaft
S&S 124" cylinder/piston kit
SE 110 heads ported, new springs, and new bronze guides
Zippers 60mm throttle body
SE forged roller rockers
SE billet cam plate with high volume oil pump
T-Man 662-2 gear drive cams
Zippers T-Max ECU with auto tune
S&S powertune dual exhaust with Rinehart mufflers
AIM VP92 clutch

I'll post up some pics soon when I tear into it.

Going to have the crank welded and a Timken bearing upgrade while the cases are getting bored out.


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Man that sounds awesome it will be a good time to ride thats for sure. You could probably do a 120 for a little less money??? I would do the built motor myself too cause you know everything is strong. let everyone know how it goes I'm curious to see what you get out of it


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That thought had crossed my mind. I did get quite a few deals though. I had the 110 heads laying around and got them ported at a unheard of price since I am a repeat customer....Often. The crank was a low mile used crank I got for $650 and spec'd out very good. A buddy of mine owns a little shop locally so I got a few of the other parts pretty cheap as well.

Going this route did enable me to buy parts as I go as well. I didnt have $5k cash all at the same time. It comes and goes pretty quick around here so buying a part at a time eases the pain.

I just didnt feel comfortable going to the bank with a HD built motor. They are proving well, but I am still skeptical.

I forgot to add. I will be adding Zippers N.A.D.S system http://zippersperformance.com/catalogue/showproduct.asp?cat=588&prod=2188


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Will do! I'm sure I'll post up some pics during the build. Nothing better in the winter than Harley porn.


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Well, I got to put in a few hours on the bike tuesday. I was in the zone and didnt take many pictures while it was coming apart. I'll take a bunch when it goes back together. The bottom end is now at the machine shop to get the cases bored out and the timken bearing installed. I got to take a peek at my heads, they are SE110's ported and the intake ports look huge!




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Yikes!!! Your motor fell out! I told you to ONLY use Synthetic Oil!!! :eek:nthego:


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I do! I just take the engine out and flip it over to get all the oil out, isnt that how you change your oil?


I used to own some shit!
I heard about doing that on another forum! If I read it on the INTERWEB it must be true right???


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chad i am stoked to swing by and check out the build man, we got to hook up for a beer soon brother... maybe some 2 brothers and wrenching soon?


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The good news is I picked up my motor from the machine shop tonight, the bad news is I am leaving in the morning for California. I have to take my Dyna out there for the Easyriders motorcycle show. I'll be back next week and start the assembly.







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I finally got back from California and had a chance to work on the motor for a few min.

Here is a pic of the cases, had them clearanced for the cams.


Installing the cam bearings




Installing the cylinder studs. Make sure you chase the threads on them and get the old loctite off the threads. I double nut them and torque them to spec.




Thats all I got done yesterday. I only had about an hour to work on it. I'll post up more as I continue.