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My winter mods


One of THE 150!
kuryakyn 103 kit.
Extended Bags.
Edge Cut Contrast, to go with agitator wheels.
GPS. Ipod interface.
Motor is out, waitng on cases for timken, and cylinder's to be bored out.
Crank went to Darkhorse, Throttlebody to HPI.
Head Unit to Iron Cross Audio.
This will be enough for this year. Been collecting parts since July. Hopefully have everything in order.
Did 400 watt alpine marine amp under tour pack over the summer.
Changed rear fender to street glide fender with facia as well.
Woot. Woot.


I used to own some shit!
Since you have so much going on you should post it all in the "American Bagger Builds" Section. I can move the thread if you would like.


One of THE 150!
Thought I would post some pics.Rob's Bike 011.jpgRob's Bike 006.jpgRob's Bike 010.jpgRob's Bike 009.jpgRob's Bike 008.jpg

6.5 in the rear pods.
940's in the back.
400 watt Alpine marine amp mounted under tour pack.
Street Glide rear Fender.
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not worried about rain jacking up or some one "trying" to steal amp?

edit - just seen it was a marine amp...


One of THE 150!
Rob's Bike 002.jpgRob's Bike 003.jpgRob's Bike 004.jpgRob's Bike 005.jpg

Srry didn't get pictures of motor build but hands weren't clean enough to run camrea and wife was at work.
All I have left is some wiring for the NIM, I-pod, XM, and GPS. going to have to call it quits for this year.
Download for the motor changes and then a real good tuning.
Ready to go for the spring.


One of THE 150!
Well I fell into a really good deal on a 120R. So I had to tear it down.
The crank went to Darkhorse for a massage. Plugged and welded with Carrillo con rods and a balance. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1418570767.893769.jpgImageUploadedByTapatalk1418570794.097794.jpg


One of THE 150!
So then I really like my Agitater front wheel but thought I would go a little bigger so the Renegade wheel Instagator fit the bill. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1418571195.348757.jpg And as a 23" figured that the Pickard triple trees would fit the bill. With a FL front fender.