My little project, let the spending begin!!

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Long post fellas, if you dont like long posts fair warning, move on now.

This project of mine in the early stages of planning and setting a budget are well under way.

I have put a list together of the mods I am going to do, the parts I will have for sale and the timeline for the whole mess to be completed.

I will be taking pics every step of the way and there are no limits on time or budget, the only limit is my satisfaction with the bike.

here is my run down

Donor bike
Started with an 07 FLHPI 103/6spd/cruise/anti lock/

I am going to take the bike to the frame basically.
I may or may not pull the motor I haven't decided.
If I do I will powder coat the valve covers black and maybe the outer primary and derby covers as well as the horn, unless I go with a better horn.

Here is the list as of now.;

01/a.) extend foot boards with three kits, ness, Harley, Kury all three together will give 4" up and 1" out.

01/b.)Extended reach heel toe shifter and rear brake lever.(might have my welder do these for me custom)

01/c.) Seat, get back as far as possible, two up that will work with stretch tank, maybe a drop seat kit if it can be done on the 07

02.) black pipes, true dual, Reinehardts, custom tips, fins, guns, etc...

03.) Black spike air breather black and red.

04.) BBRCustoms open Bus bars and controls from HawgHalters completely hidden controls in 1 1/2" black bus beach bars/ European street fighter mirrors from BRCustoms and HawgHAlters

05.) blacked out front end, legs, trees,legs, fog light bar kit, front fender,floor boards etc..all chrome not on the engine will get powder coated black

06.) rear end kit, flush mount lights and signals, custom cuts for all three, fat, long rear fender, extended bags, dual pipe cut outs, hidden plate.
Either Bad Dad or Sinister kits, maybe speakers in the lids fori the rear

07.) covers, horn, derby, primary, etc.. flat black with red writing, "103"

08.) Rake front end,adding an hhi rake kit for the neck to be cut and welded and 7 or 9* triple tree's

08/b.) front tire 26" black spokes with new wrap around front fender for more clearance from the trees.
stretched tank pre paint
Stage 1 with cams''
chain tensioner upgrade
a good portable tuner I can run with a laptop somehow incorporated into the bike,

a mulit purpose navigation system with sat radio and other functions

hidden speakers in front, no fairing


head cooling system
detachable fairing with gps/multi media center
hidden speakers all plug and play for longer trips,
rear tire, not sure on, either car tire or wide ow profile bike tire, still learning.

Sell from bike
lower legs (maybe keep mine and powder coat them)
front beer cans/uppers(maybe keep mine and powder coat them)
Front wheel 9 spoke stock police wheel
shifter/brake lever
Big sucker air breather
rear bags with lids
rear taillight
rear signals
rear crash bars
front fender
rear fender
front and rear bumpers
highway bar
stock controls

This stuff will be sold after I have my bike back together and running.
I think that is it, at least for now.

Final paint I am thinking the tins will be flat black with a subtle red strip somewhere' maybe my band logo.

The old chrome will be gloss black for some contrast, right down to the kickstand.
only remaining chrome will bein the motor/drivetrain

flush mounted lighting in the rear for signals and brakes and running lights will be a custom design that I made cant see them unless thy are activated or in use, otherwise very clean rear end to match the bars and hidden controls of the front, very neat looking tight organized bike.

Thats about it, my vision for this 07 FLHRSI

It is going to a good riding fun touring bike with a lot of blls and whistles made specifically for me and my tastes and long legs.
Just because I said so!

I cant get it all done this winter,
I will run out of money after the front end work so the rake and wheel swap will have to wait until this time next year, unless of course I get a big hit at work which often does happen then the timeline becomes as fast as I can get the parts I need here and hire a welder.

I need a good Painter in Ct and a good welder fabricator in CT I can trust and work with

Thats my vision as of now
I have put about a month of reading and research into this and made a specific parts list and priced it out, this is what I want.

paid 10,5 for the bike, I will put in another 11lk$ by the time I am done BUT I will have the bike I have wanted fo years that fits me and without a single payment, all cash baby, so I own it from day 1.
Anyway thought I would share my plans
I am going to do the work in stages and will take pics at every stage along the way.
IF all goes well I will do the boards, and bars and some powder coat this winter, maybe the tank, then I am going to ride it as is until fall /winter 13/14, then I will do the rest, so total completion will hopefully be around MAy 2014 ready for bike week and the England riding season./

This is by far the most extensive, most expensive mod I will have done to date, I am really stocked to get it all started.
I will be ordering parts all winter but leaving the bike stock until everything is in, then I will work o the front end stuff before spring and ride it til the fall, then I will have the rest of the parts in and can finish the bike next winter.
That way I can still ride all season.
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I definitely will.
I have a handful of pics now to upload, I am on my way out so I will do it later when I come back.
I still have to pick up the bike, it is in Mississippi and I am in CT, its a long story but I owe 3 payments on it and then I can go get it.

I will post what I have, then what I take when I get it here in a few months and as the work progresses for each stage.



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Its funny how time and money will change things.
I picked up the bike, had a short issue but I resolved it and got lucky, I now have to remove the lowering kit in the rear as it is bottoming out with my wife on it and she is tiny, I have a leak in the air shocks, not sure if it the lines or the shocks, I just realized this today so I will investigate tomorrow.

All in all its a great running bike that needs tlc and a lot of cash.
Im trying to go through my list of mods and budget and how quickly I want t get it all done and I came to the realization it is going to go slow, but I will still enjoy it and in the end it will be awesome!
So I ordered the ness floorboard brackets to move the boards forward 2" and out 1"
Once I see how that sits I will decide whether to add the Kuray ones to get another 2" or not.
I am in the process of ordering pipes/air/ and tuner of some sort
I am going I think with a Vance and Hines head pipe black, and then black 4" Rinehardt mufflers.

I am also going to take off the chrome bag bumpers, legs, light bar, etc.. and either have them powder coated or some other process to black them out in a flat black.
I am going to leave the motor as is powder cat black and chrome for a little contrast, I might change a derby cover and the horn and add some red but pretty much going to leave that alone,.
For this spring and summer I think thats going to be it.
Then I am going to get the bars, and controls in the fall I think, the bags and fender for he rear over the winter and next spring the cut/weld rake kit and front wheel, etc..
Somewhere in between I will get a stretched tank for an extra gallon of gas I love to tour and every drop of gas counts, and I will decide then about the side covers and stuff, not sure I am going to go that route yet.
Anyway I am getting way ahead of myself.
So far its basic maintenance and then pipes and air and footboard relocation.
I am running amsoil 20/50 in all three holes and I love it , simple, effective and easier to order one thing and keep it in stock

The bike wasnt cleaned or taken very good care of as far as polishing and cleaning goes s thats ben a major chore, I read a thread elsewhere about a clay and orbital buffer followed by spray wax and more high speed buffering so I am going to give that a try to see if I can get it even cleaner but its coming along.

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