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my 30 done finally


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here are a few pictures i took when i was in daytona i finished it about an hour before we left hope you guys like it. you will see it somewhere next monthget-attachment-1.aspx.jpgget-attachment.aspx.jpgget-attachment-2.aspx.jpg424454_10150643449989694_500169693_8880447_1504803911_n.jpg418542_10150660090439694_500169693_8934863_804647610_n.jpg


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That is bad ass! A buddy of mine took this pic while in Daytona...guess I know who it belongs to! Very nice!


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Pro charger is good you can ride it like a regular bike. I blew it up wed before we left I guess a lifter blew apart so I basically have to rebuild everything. Not to pumped on it at all. It was fun as hell for 500 miles a buddy has a 117 and it looked like he was sitting there when we take off. Had it well over 130 with no issues.


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I had a primo with a lock up it wasnt good enough it still slipped a little. I'm putting an AIM in now which should be much better. Once it's rebuilt with a good clutch it should be right around 200


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damm thats just sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one of the best baggers i have seen to date!!!! awasome job man


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That is on sweet ride! It looks very rideable to have a 30 on it, and the DNO bags make it look just right!

I can't believe you already blew it up!!! I think I would have had a stroke...


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I believe the bar has been raised again... Dibs on your spare parts when you upgrade next year!!!

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