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my 2011 sg build


One of THE 150!
slowly coming along. front fender will be here in a couple days. finish mock up on the front and send some more stuff out for powdercoat.


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One of THE 150!
Looks like it's going to be a super bad azz bagger... Keep updating us with pics as you progress along.



One of THE 150!
It looks like its gonna be a sweet looking bike. Have you had a chance to ride the bike with that pipe? I am thinking about one of those for my RG this winter. Love it.


One of THE 150!
Very very nice. Can't wait to see it. Nice fairing I think the grabber blue has been done already though in the D .j/k I know where its from


One of THE 150!
will be for sale when im done, if anyone is intrested now they could pick paint color, bags, lids, rear fender, seat. just throwing it out there

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