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My 03 flht standard


One of THE 150!

I thought so, the exhaust gave it away! How ya been? Have you taken your Softail to any more shows? My dyna actually one a second place at a show the following week after Anahiem, and a first place two weeks after that. Still havent sold it, been trying.

I just teamed up with Psychotic Air and we are now HHI dealers as well as a few other companies. If ya need anything for your build, let me know!


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Thanks bro! No more shows for me just ride the bitch. Definitely will hit u up when I need some parts. Good hearing from you!

Johnny Wolf

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Looks nice, Yank! BTW- If and when you go to a larger front wheel and want to part with that one, hit me up. I'm in So-Cal (Inland Empire). I'm starting the search for a 21" for my '03 E-Glide.

[email protected]

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repainted my tins and powdercoated more parts now i am putting it all back together. very fun but time consuming. anyone know the torque specs for the primary, i called harley and wouldn't give me the info! i powdercoated the primary case so now i am putting back but need to know what to torque it at.[032012 026.jpg032012 024.jpg


One of THE 150!
Are you talkin about the outer primary cover? Most 1/4-20 bolts on HD's are torqued to 120in/lbs I believe.

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I used to own some shit!
Love the whitewalls!!!

All that info is in the service manual if you have one. If not let me know and I'll go look it up.

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