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Made me a Tourpak holder

TraceCave Customs

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Well I made a similar one last year for my 04 stuff but the new bike has different widths so made a new one this week to hold the TP and the backrest then decided to add a mount on the front to hold my wifes windshield from her Dyna and keep it off the floor.

DSC04498.jpg DSC04499.jpg DSC04501.jpg


One of THE 150!
Sell them. That is nice I was gone drill my floorjoist and run allthread through it for the sissy bar

Wanna Ride

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I made this one a few years ago. Keeps everything out of harm's way when not being used on the bike...



Also made this, at about the same time...




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finally made my cheapo version today. someday I'll weld one up, but for a quick 13 greenbacks and about 10 minutes of my time I'm happy for now