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Looking for Chopped Tour Pack


Like the title says, looking for a chopped tour pack, I'm looking for something without structural damage, color black cherry if You have it but not critical. Let Me know what You have. thanks ndfrspd


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lol...me too the wife says she wants a razor pack now or something to that effect...any vendors have good prices on the yaffe non assembled kit?


Wow, I didn't know so many of us were looking for the same thing. I think I'll look for a while longer for OE, but thanks to ThatDarkSkinGuy for the info. ndfrspd


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I ordered my razor pack from HD in Dec. When it showed up, the lid was cracked. Probably another 10 weeks now... grrrrrrr


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@ Stone King I have had no problems with any of 3 that I have purchased been satisfied buyer myself. He sells the bare bottom and lid or you an buy with the hardware already attached.


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hey guys, if you are still lookin for a chopped tour pack, my dad has one for sale. I will get pictures of it this weekend.

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We can get u the Yaffe tour pack or the Sinister one just send us a PM

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I've been looking for a pad like that ever since I bought my HD chopped tour pak. I despise those big, ugly backrests that the moco offers. Anyone know where I can get one? Yaffe's are not available without buying their tour pak.


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Looks pretty simply, any seat shop should be able to make you one.

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