List of what is needed to go 26

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First off....I hate you all. I was completely satisfied with my minor upgrades until falling into this forum. You all should be ashamed of yourselves for condoning this big wheel behavior. Shame shame.

So i got the chance to ride a BaggerNation bike build today. It was made for Jesse James Dupree of Jackyl. Stretched, raked 26 with all the Yaffe parts you can shove on a bike. Much to the dismay of the few techs in the shop who are anti custom anything they agreed it rode way better that they ever expected. So here I am trying to figure out the difference in parts from a 23 ro a 26.

23:you can do the trees, maybe a lowering kit, fork stops and basically call it the day, right?

To do a 26 on a Streetglide, what do i need to plan for with that much change?
9* trees and neck kit (HHI the best here?, is that the right * for 26?)
Stock forks or extended?
headlight bezel or raked fairing ? which one is better/best?
what additional parts/issues come into play with this versus a 23 no cut setup?

I am now officially lost.....

Trying to figure out how much more money it is to go 26 instead of a 23. I am ready to pull the trigger right now on all 23 parts (Pickard trees, wheels,fender etc) and then I rode the 26 today......

Thanks in advance for your help.

PS I hate you all still.....


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23" you can do Trees or Neck and Trees.

26" the most common method is 9* Neck and 9* trees. The neck can be had from Wooten Race Werks, AF Kustoms, Pickard, Yaffe, or HHI.

Other than that you need:
-A raked fairing or raked bezel "Kewl Metal and Headwinds make the bezel".
-Fender, Wheel, Tire, Rotors
-I ran stock tubes for 5400 miles but am adding an inch now to regain the stock amount of travel.

The biggest difference between the two is the neck work. The 26" brings MUCH MORE cool factor, and will draw a crowd anywhere you go. The 23" has a lot more of a traditional shaped tire/sidewall and there are more tire options "the 26" tires can only be had from VEE Ruber."

Hope this helps!

P.S. I hate you too! :19:


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Its funny, Around all the guys who ride here a 23" isn't common and a 26" is unheard of. So you don't feel bad about your sh*t until you get on this forum, LOL it would appear 26" is the norm...but then I realized that's because I pay most of my attention to the 26" builds, LOL


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IF u like the 26" dont do the 23" cause u will always wish u did a 26" and end up redoing it if u were like me. Lol go all the way and kill it


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I am sorry this is long, I am trying to just get to the facts though and only askign what I need to know I know you guys probably get this a million tikes a week, but please bare with me.

Ok, so I think after about an hour here reading I have what I needed to know sort of and I now need the details and prices.

TO be sure here's what I think I have learned.

IF I want to go with a 23" wheel I can go with a bolt on raked triple tree kit and nothing else and expect to have good results.

I can also do a neck cut and weld as well as the trees for an even better more natural looking and balanced evenly raked set up for the 23"
In either case I will end up doing it over for the 26" because like most of you I am never happy.

If I want to go to a 26" wheel I have to go with a cut and weld neck kit as well as trees no matter what.
The year of my bike might still be a factor in my results?

So I have an 07 Road King police the bike was lowered 2" in the front and 1" in the rear.

Does having an 07 chassis limit my ability to complete this mod?
Can I get a drop seat on an 07 or is that with the 09's or newer only?

Ultimately I want to get into the bike more, a little stretched out for my size along with extending my boards forward 3 or 4" and some bars that will fit my seat saet up so that I can cruise in style but more importantly in comfort.
I have a ereall bad back that is only getting worse and will never get better so comfort for me is a huge deal, I like to go on long rides andplan to do some cross country trips coming up, 5k miles at a clip, once or twice a year.

I guess I am going to start looking for a welder in Ct that can do this.
I know a few welders that run Quality Welding in Forestville, I work there with them at times and know the guys, but they make railings and stuff, not bikes.
Should I find a bike only guy to do this? or can any good welder get this right?
I am thinking I nee a bike fabricator who has experience doing these and success instead.

Can anyone recommend anyone in Ct that can do this kinda work properly so I am happy in the end?

I have an unlimited budget, my only limitation is time, I have a 1500 a month I can work with, so I have to piece it together from that, which means this is going to take a while.
I may just drive the bike as is while I order all my stuff and do the rake and paint dead last

Am I getting closer to whats up here?

To be clear anyone saying rake the neck means cut and weld the neck, not a bolt on part that changes anything on the neck, correct?
I think I get it.
ITs only a matter of pricing it out, figuring out everything I need and putting my cash together.

This site is great, I learned all that with 4 posts in one night where for three weeks I have been trying to get these same answers elsewhere, awesome.
Thanks everyone.
Someone please tell me where I am off in my assumptions herein.
I am hoping to do most of this myself except this cut and weld, I will buy the kit and be there when it happens

If anyone wants to give me a shopping list of what I must have to do this on an 07 please do.
I am good with bars and controls, I only need to know about the rake and trees, I want a black spoked wheel.

What should I doon the rear for a wheel to keep the angle up and me stretched out more in the bike?
I hear guys using car tires, some using stock sizes, etc.

Thanks again everyone you guys rock!!



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Seems like an another "what do I need to be happy" thread... Obviously, we need to answer the question..


I think you can totally rock your neighborhood with a 23 but you have to set the bike's stance right...

While you're at it, consider:
1. Make your rear end adjustable.. the lower the better
2. Keep the line of the bike level. 23"? Lower forks or rake frame.
3, 26"? Absolutely need to stretch and rake (for it to look right IHPO)
4. You are not done after a stretch and rake....

Raked fairing, bars, fender, tire/wheel, suspension, grips, mirrors, ignition, tank stretch, side panels, rear fender, body work, paint....

At the end of the day... what everybody else said... just do a 30"


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I was in your boat...I had a 21 hadn't seen a 23 but liked the look of a 26, so while I started doing my 26 to be the only one around in western ky, well before I got mine done I had to do 2 buddies bikes, so I sold my 26 and doing a 30 just because know one around here has


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question guys. Can you do a 26 and still ride the distance like a touring bike? We ride alot here and trying to make up my mind which way would be the best in the long haul. I want the wow factor and then again i love to ride!