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Leather up and ride.

Oh Snap

One of THE 150!
Got a ride in today mid 50's in Kansas put on a cool 80 some miles not bad for Dec. in Kansas..


One of THE 150!
Wish I could ride....but with the subzero temps, and no bars on the bike currently it's a bit difficult


One of THE 150!
To each his own, I ride down into the low 40's and if were not for leathers I could not do it...

I see people wear leathers when it is 50 and low 60, that's when it baffles me. I would rather wear insulated jeans and or long underwear. Gortech is probably awesome too.


One of THE 150!
Suposed to be 51 here tomorrow and sunny ta-boot! I think I may hang up my paint gun for the day....Everybody ride safe!