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Klockwerks Platinum revolver slip-ons (black)


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Im selling the Klockwerks revolvers that I ran last season only because I went to a Dragos Dragula setup. These mufflers sound really good,. a nice low rumble at idle but will roar when you want them to. These new were the chrome with chrome tips, but I painted them denim black to match my blacked out bike. I just repainted these to sell, but I would suggest getting them powder coated to stand up better over time since paint will chip off if you ride on a lot of gravel roads. The tips can be moved on these to be slash up, down, in or out. I had then always facing slash up, and since they stuck out so far the bottoms of the tips are a little scarred up so you would either want to buy new tips or continue to run them slash up like they are pictured.
I would like $200 shipped to your door, lower 48.

Here is all the info from the Klock Werks website.
Here are the details from the Klockwerks website about them. These are $600 to $648 new.
These 4" Slip-on Mufflers have a contoured slash-cut end which is adjustable to 8 different positions (every 45 degrees). Consistent with the Klock Werks exhaust and muffler line, these slip-on mufflers are not just another muffler adapted for use on touring/baggers - they are designed specifically for touring bikes and road use. The mufflers have a deep throaty rumble when profiling around town or under acceleration, when it won't drive you crazy, and fellow riders will thank you! Our proprietary baffle setup has been rigorously sound and performance tested. The baffle extends to the front of the muffler body and actually clamps to the headpipe along wtih the body. This allows exhaust gases to enter directly into the baffle and eliminates the hot spot discoloration that generally occurs mid-muffler or where baffle traditionally starts inside of the muffler body. You get long-lasting style without sacrificing performance. We recommend installing a DYNOJET POWER COMMANDER with any exhaust change on fuel-injected models. There is no warranty on exhaust pipes and mufflers with regard to any discoloration. Discoloration (blueing) is caused by tuning characteristics, cam timing, carburetor jetting, overheating, etc. and is not caused by defective manufacturing.

Platinum Series Revolver Mufflers are THE ultimate pieces for the rider looking to finish their bike.
End caps feature the highest level of craftsmanship and finish found anywhere in the industry.
Mufflers are designed to produce a deep mellow rumble at slow speeds then tone down while cruising.
Adjustable end caps offer 360 degrees of rotation with eight different positions each 45 degrees apart; thus “The Revolver†name.
These 4†diameter mufflers work amazingly well with Klock Werks Saddle Bag Extensions (especially in their slash-up position) or exposed on their own.
Made in the U.S.A.
Fit 1995-2012 FLT, FLHT, FLHX, FLHR, FLTR models


And here is a walkaround video I did a few months ago, so you can get an idea of sound. Of coarse video never does anything justice.

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