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Just happened to hear of Chopped Baggers


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Thanks to GoGoGadgetBiker, on another forum, for the URL to this site. Hello to everyone from Tom, in Salton City, CA. I'm changing a lot of stuff on my '92 cop bike (FLHT-P), as i expect just everyone has to, to get it to handle, and fit me the way i want! (18"rear and 21 x 3.5" front, PS 1" lowered rear, PS lowered front springs, SE heads and mild cam, so far...). Hope to get a lot of ideas from you folks. Thanks! :)


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glad you can make it, dont blame us if you start to notice your wallet is getting thinner and lighter.....hehehehe


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Thanks, 80Bagger! i thought all you Island Boys ran the really wiiiide Beach Bars!! Nice FLHP, btw

yeah, I was one of them, but apes feel a lot better on my shoulders..I say 70% of the island uses beach or bikini bars...