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Iron Bred Motorcycle Club Video...


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I am part of a custom bike club here in Atlanta Ga...Iron Bred Motorcycle Club which consist of baggers, choppers, cruisers and everything else but NO sportbikes.
This is my bike club and I would just like to share this with you guys if I may.



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Classic$98 thnx for your cool rating sir of the video ( -: No bad azzez just a bunch of normal working guys that luv bikes amd hanging out!


I used to own some shit!
That was a BAD ASS video!

I hope you send some of your brothers over here, I'd be glad to have them.


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Thnx guys for the positive feedback gentlemen
And I got this scarey ass foo emailing me!!!! hahaha! Das Gangsta! Yo you Hajii? Dat look like your bike there...Thats 100x better than my youtube video though FO SHO! I give props to you though for showing me this forum.....Thnks bro!


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Nice video, a lot of nice bikes, will be looking for your bike after the mods in the next one. :encouragement:

Country D

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Bad Ass video, and there is SO much more you can do to a Sled than a Crotch rocket. Keep the Mods coming and be sure to post ALOT MORE PICS.