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Indianapolis here


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Saw a link on another forum and figured I would check the site out.. Some awesome builds here. Wish I had some cash laying around to cut my bike up now....


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OH btw... I'm on a "stock" 07 E-Glide Standard.... I've got dreams of cutting it to pieces and making it a full on custom but at this point in my life its going to be limited to bolt ons.... for now......


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Up in da one fiddy...
So apparently, I'm not doing it right. Are the couches in the shop to sit on and admire the bike... or for sleeping on when the wife finds out how much we spent?


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Hahaha! That's funny! SHHHHMMOOKIN!!! Haha! It's kinda true about the wife thing but I read somewhere on another post that the couch was for their dog and it stunk! Lol


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Welcome and when your ready bring that bike east down I70 and we'll cut the hell out of it for you. :)