Im over the bad services!

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Im over the bad service for vendors and different shops out there! Especially the one that just sell parts and dont know what they are talking about, because they dont work on motorcycles. Im not going to put business on blast on here but you guys know who you are. Some of these vendors came form other forums and is where my experiences have taken place. Others have been on this site. Theirs are other great vendors here and i would like to thank them for not taking advantage of me for being new to the motorcycle game. I hope that you all can avoid the bad experiences ans crappy services.


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If you ever have a serious issue with one of the Vendors here PLEASE send me a PM.

I may not be able to help, but I do want to know...

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I feel you man, it can be very frustrating and intimidating trying to figure out who to trust and who is listening when you ask a question trying to figure out what you might want to use or work with.
Sorry your having issues.


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Sorry to hear you've had problems... we share the planet with some pretty interesting people but we've also gotta remember... we all had to start somewhere...

That doesn't make "claiming you can do it" when you can't right... but here's an analogy: We didn't have online porn back in my day. In seventh grade, I tried to lose my virginity with three different chics ... (didn't know what the hell I was doing...). It took a fourth try before I could claim street cred...

If your shop is experienced and they should know better, then you are right - fawk them into the deepest, darkest, depths of hell. Otherwise, we have to cut the new guys some slack (or we have to man-up and do it ourselves...) No offense to the plumbers union in Colorado but, fawk you... I do all my own plumbing now!

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