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If your from California!

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Nautical Customs

If your from California. Where you from? What Bike shows do you attend or know of going on?


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I am in San Diego. This weekend you got the Palm Springs Bike Weekend going on 19 Oct - 21 Oct.


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Do you ride with a group out here or solo? What kind of ride do you have? I have 2011 Ultra Glide Limited that I am just now scratching the surface on upgrades.


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2011 road glide doing a full custom. Have a 2007 road king just riding it. Riding solo for the moment. Not out there as much as I would like to be so don't know of any runs. I did hear that second to none is having an event in LA at the beginning of next month.


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Dead and cold is an understatement here! Have no idea what happen to all the cool bike we once had. Maybe Japan.....LoL

Matt Hotch where are you these days?


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I've never been but I here alot of people like the Hollister Run and show. Thats a nice ride from twin cities. I'm in Fresno. Only do 1 toy run a year for a fallen friend and the Valley rondevous show here. Don't care much for runs but the shows are cool.

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