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Hydrographic dipped inner fairing


Just a tease. No clear yet and he is doing the inner tonight. I hope to have it all back next Friday. Oh and my PYO monkey bars only took a week to get here instead of 3 weeks.
guy started a business near me doing it... some really kool stuff with it.... he has been combining, candying over, etc... really neat things can be done with it. Awesome!
You can almost do anything hydrodipping! I was going to have my digital camo done this way, but ti was way to pricey for my bike, so I just did it by hand. But there are some things by hand cant do as well, like carbon fiber, $100 bills, etc...

How badass is the process:


lay a film on the water, spray and activator, then dip the part... clear for longevity!


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What would the up front investment cost?

If youre talking about how much it would cost to get setup to do this process....I just goggled how much it would be and the tank alone is $5,800 plus all the film and activators and everything.


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I was thinkin the same exact thing. I have wanted to get into powdercoating..but maybe this is the way to go. Will have to do some research about it.
Been there, done all of that... I onwed a sign company since 1987 and sold it a few years ago to buy the soup company I now own with my wife. The tanks are the most expensive part.. need large tanks, spray setup (compressor/gun), a large shower area (for rinsing after running thru the graphics), and the film and chemicals to activate it. Opuni, dude, if it doesnt exist in HI, I would look into it. It would be something very unique... there are a ton of places CONUS that are setup to do it. Oh, and you need to have some painting skills, since all of them are basecoated before the process starts. Meaning, if you want skulls that look silver, then you have to base the part in silver, then apply the graphic over it. The films are transparent...

I, on the other hand am wanting to invest in a laser engraver... making custom speaker grills for the bagger world... check my ones I made for myself!
I was thinkin the same exact thing. I have wanted to get into powdercoating..but maybe this is the way to go. Will have to do some research about it.


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lickmstickmman i agree.we have a shit load of hotels and such could produce something.
Thats the bad part... you still need to prep the part completely in paint, clear it, then apply hydro, then clear over that... Cost saving come by not having to pay to airbrush some things that are repetitive... the uses of this stuff is limited by imagination! Even that hello kitty cellphone your daughters have is done thru that process... the guy near me just updated his facebook pages with some kool one off stuff. He is dipping the interior of a race car in the carbon fiber... interior car dash stuff, he even shows an office door done in realtree camo! Not sure if you have to have FB to see this, but his website isnt working well, so check this link if you can

looks killer, wonder how much more then reg paint?