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How durable is a 23" front


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The long and short of it is the roads here in Michigan just plain suck. I do my best to avoid all the pot holes and such but what's going to happen that one time I miss one?


well one thing that works for you, the bigger the wheel the more it "steamrolls" over things. ive ran over a few on 696 but small enough it didnt eat my wheel lol.


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Having looked at a bunch of them in the last few days there seems to be alot more rubber on the 23" tire.


One of THE 150!
I'll have to search out some 23" pics. I looked at some 26"ers on here and there is no way they would live around here!


One of THE 150!
Obviously they have a little more meat on them than the 26 but it all comes down to looks and what you want to live with.