High Speed wobble

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Hey guys

So im experiencing a high speed wobble around 66 mph. Im running hhi weld on neck 9 degree trees. 26 front 18 rear.

I was told to lose the 18. Someone else told me metzler now makes a 180/55 H rated tire that addresses this very problem.

Anyone know if this is the case ? It would be a much cheaper fix than buying new wheels to match.

Went through the normal checklist and everything else was ok ie neck motormounts



First thing is check air pressure in tires. If that don’t fix it check your torque specs on lock nut in the trees. Brand of rear tire can also effect ride. Harley makes a good rear tire, Metz makes a good tire. Best ride is gonna come from a 16” rear. Hope this helps.


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The problem most likely isn't the neck bearings from my experience (and I've done a ton of big wheel neck rakes). Loose neck bearings generally produce wobbles normally around 40-45mph. The 18" tire in the rear is definitely an issue. The neck kit is designed for use with a 16" rear wheel and the chassis is now unsettled by being to high in the rear. Running air ride too high or too low will cause the same issue.

  1. Swap to 16" rear wheel
  2. Be sure that you are not mixing bias ply with a radial. Both front and rear should be radial or both bias ply. Mixing the two can cause wobbles starting as early as 50mph.
  3. Run higher air pressure in the rear. I prefer 42psi. Around 80mph you can start to experience tire flex, which is the wheel moving on the side wall. Harder tires such as the stock dunlop D402 are more preferred as they are stiffer and experience this less. A softer tire will cause this more. It often feels like the wobble is from the front but it's actually generating in the rear and the wobble transfers to the front.

I hope this helps.


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What brand of front tire are you running, if its a Vee Rubber.....get rid of it. I changed to a metzler 26". A much better tire. If you havent yet check swing arm bushings, if stock.....upgrade them, made a big difference in my death wobble.

Just be aware that if you run the Metzler Radial in the front....you have to run a radial tire in the rear.... If you have a bias ply rear tire on the rear and put a radial on the front it will cause a wobble as well.... as slow as 50 mph from the cases I've seen here at the shop.

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