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Help with Clevis Pin Removal for Brake arm change


Hey guys, I'm about to change my stock brake arm with a Arlen Ness arm coming in tomorrow.

I'm down to trying to remove the Clevis pin. The Cotter pin is removed but the Clevis Pin simply won't budge !!!

Anybody know some trick to this or am I doing something wrong here?

(FYI this is the Rear Brake Arm I didn't mention that in the title sorry)


I need a vice....But yeah i'll give that a shot headed to Home Depot.


Keep em comin guys...


One of THE 150!
On my last one, I wiggled a set of channellock pliers into position so one half of the jaws was on the small end the pin and the other rested on the brake lever and it popped right out.


Shouldn't need to take off the pipe

Tap it!

I had to take the pipe off. Tedious work to disassemble everything but, once the pipe wasn't in the way it came right off with the grips.

Still waiting on the Brake arm to get to me so the whole right side is stripped down. Bag, Lowers, Pipe, Brake Arm.

Thanks for all your help guys pics coming Wednesday !!!

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