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Help me decide on my shifter linkage. Poll

Which one do you like best??

  • Hater 1

    Votes: 1 5.3%
  • Hater 2

    Votes: 1 5.3%
  • Hater 3

    Votes: 3 15.8%
  • Hater 4

    Votes: 14 73.7%

  • Total voters
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One of THE 150!
This is the shifter linkage that I am gonna have made by tristar. My vanity plate says H8R so I am gonna have the shifter linkage made up to say the same. One of them I dont like for sure but I wont say, but help me decide.
I hope I do this right with the poll. So I guess vote 1 thru 4. Thanks


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I picked 4. The e in the first 2 could look like a c and 3 is just plain. I would go for 3 if it was a different font.