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Happy St. Patty's Day

We'll since my Girlfriend (MF'er) is Irish and I had to wear green today. I looked through my shirt's and low and behold the only GREEN shirt I had was



Thank's Bill and all you IRISH Bagger's. Don't forget to drink your GREEN beer today and tonight. Be care and no drinking and driving.


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Same to you. No Irish here just Italian. But never the less will toast one for them there green ones


One of THE 150!
Im irish and wore my choppedbaggers shirt 2day too. And we have the 2nd largest st patty's party in the USA here in the burgh


I used to own some shit!
Great! Now just find 120 other people to buy one... I am sitting on $3,000.00 retail value in shirts and haven't sold one in two weeks...

Something tells me I bought too many....

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