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Greetings My Brothers


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Ricks hog 020 (2).jpgRicks hog 02600 (2).jpghi dudes, im from New Zealand, custom harleys are alive and well in the Deep south of kiwi-land, love the custom baggers coming outta the states and the EU, im a garage bike builder, an i ride a custom 2010 Road King, workin on a 2012 26inch Road Glide build at the mo, complete fab job from frame up, ill post pics soon as theres more than a pile of boxes to see
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I used to own some shit!
Welcome to the site!

Road King looks sweet and I can't wait to see what your cookin next!


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Nice ride. Is that a refection in the paint or some kind of ghost image in the paint?

Tap it!

Africa Al

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Hi Bluemountain,

I am from the UK, but I lived in New Zealand for a number of years. My son was born In New Plymouth in 83. Used to go to some great bars there at the time in New Plymouth, called the White Heart. Any way great pictures of your bike. Maybe one day Ill get to go back and visit some of my old haunts in Whangarei, were I also used to live for a while. While in Taranaki One bar stands out, it was called the Taranaki Tavern..... Great times in there ?? from what I remember!! My bikes here in the UK Include a 2012 CVO Street Glide, and a Big Bear Chopper, and a Dyna Fat Bob. I ride a lot of miles in Europe every year so a lot of partying to do next year.

Africa Al.