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Guys and Gals. Not sure if this is the place to post it but I figured I'd share some info with you guys. I just placed an order for a Miller 211 welder and a Miller 375 plasma cutter. A website name (higher prices than several other sites, NO AFFILIATION TO ME) has a 25% off discount code SUMMERSAVER
If this isn't allowed to be posted, MODS please delete. All said and done I got both of them for 2250 (my state has sales tax with them of $200.) If you live in a state that doesn't have tax with them you can get the two for 2050 shipped to your door. WAIT THERE IS MORE! I also got a FREE spoolmate 100 (almost 300$ value) via rebate with miller. To top it off, It has a 400$ rebate to boot. SO, you can get this full 3 piece setup for 1650 shipped to your door if you aren't in a state they have taxes with. The lady on the phone said they have 15 or 17 states they charge tax with. Here is the rebate info with miller. You don't have to get exactly what I got but if you are in the market for a welder, this is the time!

Got all of this so I can finally have my dream, learning to weld! Wanted to share this with the forum!

Link to another forum that I was referred to for this deal:
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That is awesome. Thanks for the heads up. I've really been contemplating picking up a multimatic 200. This might be my chance.

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