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Glenndyne Brake Setup on American Suspension Legs


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So what is involved to make this work? Aaron Glenn told me it would be no problem but in another thread im reading that it does not work. Can anyone give me some insight on how the bracket will need to be modified to work with the bagger legs. Any pics would be helpful too.


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Hard to see but the only pic I could find. The Am. Susp. legs don't have a recess between upper and lower mounting bosses like stock therefore the adapter area that needs the recess needed milled off. Glenndyne may be different. I'd contact them and ask again jist to be sure.
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They didn't have that kit Josh when I got my bracket. The new one is probably different, especially since it is for an over sized rotor.


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I am hoping because the rotor is oversized that it is going to fit properly. I am waiting for the shop to try to mount it and let me know.

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