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Germany In Da House!!!


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Hey Guys,

My name is Jerry, 34 and a DoD Employee stationed at Spangdahlem AB in Germany. I am on my fith Harley and my first Bagger. I also have my first Harley here. A 2006 XL1200C and a 2011 RoadGlide Ultra. I have been on bikes since my son was born (small ccm bikes before that, but they don't really count :) ) I have also had a FXST and FXSTC and a 2011 XL1200C (German version) that were sold. I am getting ready to head back stateside in the beginning of Feb. North Dakota of all places, but it is a start, since I have been overseas for over 20 years.

What I think about Chopping Baggers.... I am a sideline watcher. I like to look at them, but I am not your normal grinding wheel/Welder type. I did that to the Sportster, since it was fairly easy and cheep to do, but the RGU is more setup for traveling (i.e. Cupholder, GPS mount). I also have a Dobeck Race tuner and K&N Airfilter, Road Zeppelin seat. So all in all I would say I am more of a user, then a wrench. So all in all I am here to see and look. I can't really give you any advice on much, besides what you all (should) know.

Anyhow, Thanks for having me around and I sure hope that this site has Tapatalk now or in near future, since that I what I use most of the time.:biggrin-new:


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WOW 20 years overseas... The states are going to feel "foreign" to you.

Glad to have you on the site and it's totally ok if you simply want to look around. That's how it started for most of us.

And we are on TapaTalk, so you'll be able to stick with what you like!


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lol... yeah, the first time I came "home" the Customs guy said to me:"Welcome Home!"... I looked at him and did not know what to say. After about 2 hours I was like... damn he is right, I am home. It is the small shit that gets you... WalMart, Arby's and Wendy's... 24 hr shopping and Sidemarker lights on cars... you know the orange lights. Last time I was home, me and my German Wife went to Safeway and walked all over, wondering what everything was. I mean, we do get American stuff on Base, but I have to agree... There is no place like home!!!

Anyhow, here are the bikes... the Sportster a little bit before I did the finishing touches on it.... and the RGU at the Swiss 500 Endurance run in June of this year. The last one is me and Betty on Day one, I do have to say, it was love at 15th sight... but I sure as hell would not sell her (well maybe in a few years for a CVO)but don't tell her that... :D



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I was stationed in Germany for over 12 years (Stuttgart/Mannheim/Baumholder/Munich) and then went to Vicenza, Italy for 4 years...when I returned to CONUS it was an adjustment. Rode a lot of miles in Germany and Italy, but on a Ducati.

Welcome home!

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