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Fuel Strainer destroyed or need new one?


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Just thought I would pass on some info that I have done some research on. While taking apart my gas tank to paint, I managed to destroy my already brittle fuel strainer. I went to the dealer to get a new one and was shocked that it is sold with the fuel pump only which was going to set me back retail $250.

After a little searching around I found this site: http://apeusa.com/html/kits.html ,which looks just like the part I needed and also on the pumps page shows exactly what the fuel pump looks like. I can't say for sure that it is a Walbro, but I did order the part for $8 and it fit and looked just like the original and only took 2 days to get to me from Texas. They also have the same fuel line cheaper than Harley. Oh ya, shipping was only $5 and I ended up getting some fuel line, sleeve and hose clamps.