Sold/Expired FS: Progressive Suspension shocks

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****SOLD ****I have two sets of shocks for sale. Some Progressive Suspension 11.5" 412's and a set of their 940 Ultra Touring shocks. The 412's are a good shock for a basic upgrade over stock and lower the rear end also. They have two version, a standard and a heavy duty. These are the standard version and should be fine if you're on the lighter side. That's just my .02 cents worth, not designed for the bigger fellas. They have 5 adjustments but I like a firmer ride and kept these near the stiffest setting. They are a bit scratched near the adjustment area but otherwise work fine. $299 retail, $125 shipped lower 48. The other set I have is Progressive's 940 Ultra Touring Shocks which are "excellent" shocks. They sit at a 12" height but perform like a 13", which rides great. You can adjust the preload to stiffen the ride or for the extra weight of luggage or a passenger. I really like these shocks and have never heard anything but excellent reviews on them. They retail for $699 and can be had new for about $500 on Ebay. These have about 2500 miles on them and I'm selling for $400 shipped to the lower 48. I have decided to go with an air ride system so I no longer need either set.
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