FS: Metzeler Marathon ME880 180/70R16 rear tire

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Northern VA
This tire is nearly new (less than 900 miles on it), but picked up a nail soon after being installed. (You can see the tiny nail in the pics below.) I was told that no shop will patch it, and so I had to get another tire. But, I don't see any reason why it can't be professionally and cleanly patched, and put to good use on another bike. It's a Metzeler Marathon ME880 180/70R16 rear tire. A quick google search tells me these are about anywhere from $200-230 these days; I'm asking $120 for this tire, and it's nearly new. Patch it, and you've got a great tire to ride on. I kept this tire around thinking I'd use it myself sometime, but I no longer have the bike that this fit, so this does me no good. My loss, your gain.

It's located in Sterling, VA, 20164.

I can possibly assist in delivery for costs within the area if discussed beforehand.