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Front Air Ride


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OK guys,

Who has built their own, what did you use, and how did it turn out???

I have been asking lots of questions, gathered a lot of information, and I am getting ready to do some testing.

What are ya using, and how do you like it????

Anybody got some stock tubes laying around they wanna unload cheap??
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One of THE 150!
I have a feeling many would!

Having a background in pipefitting, plumbing and welding......This shouldnt be too difficult for me. I'm also going to get my brother in law in on this with me. He travels around the US trouble shooting for a Italian hydraulic pump and motor company. I'm sure he will bring some much needed info and advice to this project for me.


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I have no experience with custom front air shocks,.. but I can tell you the stock ones that came on my 99' Ultra were total utter shit! It made me never want air shocks on the front of my bike ever again,.. and probably why Harley only did it for a couple years.


The fronts are easy, look into the post by shane @ af Kustoms, he pretty much spills the beans on what is needed.

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I turned a WV shop on to this site and he is still new, but he made his own air ride for the front and back. Lookup Brendan @ Synful Cycles. Seen his newest creation at Timonium show and he even built a add to the bottom of his fram and the bike sits on it when he lowers it! Awesome... I posted a pic of his bike on a thread about Timonium on here...

Synful? Hello?

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