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Thomason Performance

Hi Guys,

So to celebrate my new arrival here as a vendor I'm going to offer 10% off any item I sell, until the end of August. After that forum members will always get 7.5% off. I'll hold specials here and there, and will always give you guys a 10% product introduction discount when I introduce something new.

The Thomason Performance forum is now set-up, thanks Bill! I will be posting pics of all the items I manufacture, or carry, in the forum for you guys to check out.

If anyone has any wheel questions ever, just let me know. I have no problem helping anyone out, even if you decide, or decided, to use a competitor's product. I'd rather have you informed and safe, then worry about a sale.

The first wheel is up in the forum now. It's the first wheel I ever designed, and I feel it screams motorcycle. It's just, to me, a very cool classic hot-rod looking motorcycle wheel. I hope you all like it too, and I hope my pricing is right where you guys like it! Here's a link to it -

Thanks as always,
Thomason Performance
[email protected]

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