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For the first 150 "Site Supporter For Life" members.


I used to own some shit!
You may have noticed under your user name it says "I helped get this place going!"

That is because you are in the user group "Site Supporter For Life" meaning you get "and will always" the same rights as a paid subscriber forever... More PM space, sig options, avatar options, pic options, etc... If you find you would like to do something that you can't let me know and I'll probably change it. :)

Would you rather it say "Site Supporter For Life" or something entirely different???

I want it to be something that sets you apart from all future users, after all you guys did make this all happen.

If you have an opinion of what the user title should be for the first 150, post it up.


Up in da one fiddy...
Not sure what your total membership count is but "I helped get this place going!" says exactly what you want to say. Maybe "First 150 Contributor Club" could imply something about origins as well. Either will become more distinguished as membership increases.

Seems like "Site supporter for life" is an option you'd want to continue to offer to new members (for the right amount of $$$upport of course...)


I used to own some shit!
10-4, throw me some more ideas on what it should say for the first 150...