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Flush mount leds in the fairing?


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I am wanting to install flush mount leds in my road glide fairing. I bought a set of 3" long cans and lenses that contain 12 leds each. I see this done regularly as tail lights (which I am also doing) but not too often for front turns. My question is why not. Is there something I should know before I cut the slots in my fairing? Is this a good idea or a bad one?


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I've seen it before on some bikes in my 'Bagger' magazines, and at a couple of events, I personally like it but lack the skills to do it. I want to see how you do it, and how it turns out.


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Oh, so I'm the ginnie pig. Lol. I'm thinking they would mount just like the rear.
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I'm mostly concerned about durability and reliability. I don't want to cut two 3/4"x 3" slot in my fairing and then they quit working or fall apart. The ones I bought weren't nearly that expensive. They come with cans that bolt to the inside with special studs and epoxy.


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Those are sweet! A little expensive but probably getting what you pay for here! I'm assuming if you only use them for turn and not run&turn you would not need a load stablizer?

Yea a little pricy. Just throwing the idea and pics out there for ya. I'd think a load eq. is still needed expecially with rear leds but not positive. I'll be posting build pics shortly. Parts still arriving.


i have a set of 2 1/2" x 5/8" in amber flush with native mounting stud plates id sell - was going to use them in the front fairing but changed mind - pm if interested

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I have done three sets of flush mount directionals on streetglide fairings, but have yet to do a roadglide.
It is the same process though.
Measure and cut your opening to fit the lens.
grind down the inside of the fairing in order to have a good sturdy spot to epoxy in the lens, and build up the epoxy to meet bck up with the inside of the fairing (like before the holes were cut).
Just o not cover the lense with epoxy.....just the mounting edges.
the lens will extend out beyond the outside of the fairing.
sand down the lens until it meets the outside of the fairing, and matches the contour.
I epoxy two threaded studs, to which the led housing will bolt to on the inside of the fairing. (that way you can remove the led housing if they happen to have a couple led's go out)
the process is actually quite simple, it just takes time.


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Did you ever do this mod? Got any pictures?

Never did. Felt like the amber lights I had would not be bright enough for my liking. That and the limited viewing angle of the led's and the side angle of the fairing. I went instead with Custom Dynamics True Flex's.
I still have the amber cans if anyone is interested.


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I did em on my Vic. Flush mounter 5 mm LEDs in an arrow pattern n ran em sequential. Waiting for my painter to finish up.

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