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TraceCave Customs

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Huntsville AL
Floorboards released

Update!Looks like there was enough interest in all of these to warrant a trial run of 2 sets each. If you are interested in a set of those boards let me know. I am only running two sets right of each design now and you can still specify what finish you want. If there is enough interest I will eventually have a few limited production runs to a total of 20 sets of these and no more. I still want to keep my stuff pretty custom. I will have rears and latches available soon also.I can also do them in this shape without a design for the same prices. Chrome or contrast cut $475Solid Black $425
so I am getting ready to go into production on some floorboards aside from the custom ones I do now. Legacy Baggers has helped by throwing up some ideas and we wanted to run them by the group here to see if you think they are marketable. Which do you like best? What would you suggest changing? Do you have any designs that you think would be marketable? They are going to be approx 20" long and 4-5" wide and can be either flat or maybe have a bend towards the toe like Covingtons boards do.
Floorboard ideas.jpg

Here are the "Royalty" boards after machining and ready for your finish choice.
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Southern MD
Wow, gunshots was a throw in idea I had! I was diggin the Royalty, especially for the little recognized RoadKing guys! May have to get a set of the gunshots for my Army themed ride... how badass would that be!

Willing to design any ideas... Tracy and I were just trying to do something a little different than everyone else out there!



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All look good, but how about "plain", or just all black for us boring guys?

Could you ball park what something like this would run? Also, bent up at the front end is a great idea. I love my banana boards because of the up kick at the end to stretch out on, but would like something all black and/or more original.

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