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Fiberglass seat pan (pics)


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After a lot of research & asking around I attempted making 1/2 a seat pan out of fiberglass lol. I've never used fiberglass before so I was a little concerned about wrecking it.
I had a seat pan sent to me but the tail didn' fit my rear fender, so I cut off the rear & spliced a new rear into the existing pan. Here's some pics. Anyone have any pointers please feel free to share:

Damn this shit is messy!

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I used to own some shit!
Props to you for having the balls to try it on your own!

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Love seeing how this is done. So just cloth and resin until you get it about 1/4" thick? I assume you will glass the rear seat bracket in later? Very cool. Thanks for posting!
wondered how that was done myself... will you have to add a little bracing between old and new or will the joint hold by overlaying the top?


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Thanks guys. Here's what I'm sending out to have upholstered.

The upholstery guy will make any adjustment necessary with strengthening & fitment. He really just needed the shape of my rear fender.

I had placed the seat tang under the fiberglass before I started so that I'd have the exact spot for it to be attached.

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Very well done again. Hats off to ya. I absolutely love working with fiberglass.you can be so creative.

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