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extended brake and shifter?


One of THE 150!
I think that accutronix makes what you are looking for. I forget where I saw them but in addition to their forward controls they also just make controls designed to work with floorboards.


One of THE 150!
On the H-D touring models, the board brackets come off the respective sides of the frame where there is a kind of rectangular block built into the frame ... this differs from the Softail floorboard brackets where there are adapters that actually move the bracket forward 2" ....

The solution for the baggers is the use of extended (longer) brake pedal and shifter levers with floorboard support arms that are kind of angled forward a little ... in my view a little unsatisfactory ....

Probably one of the reasons I don't own a H-D FLH-based 'bagger' ....


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